Correct Coding for Urodynamics in 2018

Recorded Webinar | Michael A. Ferragamo | From: Nov 07, 2017 - To: Dec 31, 2017

Urodynamics is now one of the most practiced procedures in urology by urologists and urogynecologists. Changes and updates to the coding for this procedure have been put in place and will begin to affect the length of reimbursements. Professionals must apply the new changes in order to get full reimbursements and avoid denials on their claims. This audio-conference will give participants a step by step walkthrough urodynamic scenarios and provide the correct and up to date coding.

Tools and Benefits the Presentation will Provide:

Changes and updates to the basic and complicated urodynamic coding will be reviewed, real clinical examples will be used in the conference to examine ‘add-on’ codes and ‘modifier’ codes.

Areas covered in the session include:

  • An overview of Urodynamic
  • Authorized locations for urodynamics
  • Coding for complete or partial urodynamics
  • Billing for voiding films with urodynamic studies
  • Required urodynamic supervision
  • Billing for voiding bladder pressure studies
  • Billing for urodynamics in the hospital and for patients from skilled nursing facilities                                     

Who should attend this conference?

  • Urologists
  • Gynecologists
  • Urogynecologists
  • any specialty involved with bladder function.
  • Coders and billers

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