E/M Auditing for a Compliance Plan

Recorded Webinar | Lynn Anderanin | From: Sep 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017

Do you want to build a compliance program for your training or evaluate your present plan? This seminar will examine the CMS Compliance Plan rules and talk about the greatest practices of E/M reviews as a component of a Compliance Plan.

Area Covered in  the Session:

To an ever increasing extent, insurance bearers and government agencies are carrying out audits that have to do with medical documentation, need, and volume of E/M administrations in light of the fact that these services-contribute a huge amount of repayments. As a major aspect of a Compliance Plan, E/M auditing must be carried out all the time, with an arrangement of education and process in light of the inspecting outcomes.

Agenda of the Session:

  • Education of suppliers that don't meet worthy outcomes.
  • The types of auditing that will be carried out. E.g. unplanned or centered
  • Ideas on the framework to quantify exactness and mistakes
  • 7 components of a Compliance Plan laid out by CMS
  • 1995 or 1997 policies? Which is the best to utilize?
  • Writing appeals when an insurance bearer says an E/M services were over-coded.
  • Response to insurance carriers and federal agencies demands and reports.
  • CPT codes used for E/M and the prerequisite for levels of services

Who should Attend?

  •   Medical assistants
  • Doctor assistants
  • Nurse specialists
  • Physicians
  • Auditors
  • Coders billers
  • Scribes

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