E/M Coding for Physicians, Hospitals & Telemedicine

Recorded Webinar | Duane C. Abbey | From: Dec 04, 2017 - To: Dec 31, 2017
  • Understand How Physicians and Hospitals Use E/M Codes
  • Appreciate the Need to Audit E/M Coding and Judge Associated Documentation
  • Appreciate Why E/M Coding for Telemedicine Is Different
  • Learn About the CMS Facility E/M Coding Principles
  • Understand the Difficulties with E/M Coding for the ED
  • Appreciate How To Adjust to CMS Dropping the Consultation Codes
  • Appreciate the Differences Between Specialty Clinic Coding and Primary Care Clinic Coding for E/M Services
  • Appreciate Documentation System Including ‘Copy and Paste’ Capabilities
  • Understand the Interplay Between Facility component E/M Coding and Physician E/M Coding
  • Learn About the Difference Between a ‘New’ Patient versus an ‘Established’ Patient
  • Understand How to Organize an E/M Coding Audit
  • Understand the Importance of the “-25” Modifier
  • Appreciate the Compliance Challenges Surrounding E/M Coding

Objectives of the session:

  • To review the E/M codes as they appear in the CPT Manual.
  • To discuss establishing an E/M coding audit and audit program.
  • To appreciate the difference between ‘new’ versus ‘established’ patients for physicians and hospitals.
  • To appreciate physician and hospital coding for incident-to billing.
  • To understand the differences in E/M coding for ER physicians and provider-based clinic physicians both primary care and specialty.
  • To appreciate the physician E/M documentation guidelines.
  • To explore the compliance challenges faced by both physicians and hospitals for E/M coding and the “-25” modifier.
  • Recognize how to make changes to accommodate CMS’s dropping the use of the consultation codes.
  • Understand the special situation of E/M coding for telemedicine.
  • To explore how electronic health record systems create challenges for developing proper documentation to support E/M coding.

Agenda of the session:

  1. Overview
    1. E/M Coding Under RBRVS
    2. E/M Coding Under APCs
    3. E/M Coding For Telemedicine
    4. E/M Codes – General Categories
    5. Physician Use of E/M Codes
    6. Electronic Health Record Systems
  2. E/M Coding Guidelines
    1. Physician Guidelines
    2. Hospital Developed Guidelines
    3. Variations for ED and Provider-Based Clinics
    4. Consultation Code Issues and the “-AI” Modifier
  3. CMS Coding System Principles and Guidance
    1. CMS Guidelines
    2. CMS Audit Criteria
    3. CMS Expectations
    4. Special Circumstances For Telemedicine Services
  4. Planning An E/M Coding Audit
    1. Overall Objective
    2. Number of Cases For Selection
    3. Stratification of E/M Levels
    4. Use of OIG’s RAT-STATS Program
    5. Audit Guidelines
    6. Developing Recommendations
    7. Assessing Impact of Electronic Health Record Computer Systems
    8. Report Writing and Recommendations
  5. Case Studies/Exercises
  6. Sources for Further Information

Who should attend?

  • Clinic Managers
  • Clinic Administrators
  • Coding Personnel
  • Billing and Claims Transaction Personnel
  • Nursing Staff, Clinical Service Area Personnel
  • Chargemaster Coordinators
  • Financial Analysts
  • Compliance Personnel
  • Physicians
  • Non-Physician Practitioners
  • Healthcare Auditors and Other Interested Personnel

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