FDA FSMA Preventive Control Validation: Cross and Contact Contamination (Allergens)

Recorded Webinar | John Ryan | From: Aug 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017

Until this day, one of the most leading causes of human illness and highest contributor to death are Allergens.Most of these incriminated Allergens are found in food staffs, which has lead to the FDA installing dome food labeling requirements.However, some of the food labels that exist in today’s market tend to be inaccurate and often do not declare allergenic ingredients contained in the food.As a result, contact to Allergens and cross contamination tends to take place almost with any food product picked from the food chain.This is why the FDA’s FSMA preventive control rule pays special attention to allergens. This is made even more important by the fact that these food allergens are invisible and there is very little testing that is done despite the fact that there are many source that can lead to cross contact and cross examination. More so, preventive control, sanitation and transportation regulations are yet to full take effect and as such consumers remain exposed to the high risks of ingesting deadly allergens.

The preventive control measures in place require that risk analysis for allergen plan comprise of incoming,in-process and outgoing ingredients.

Why should attend ?

The webinar conference offers the following benefits to participants:

  • An insight and better comprehension of basic allergens
  • Methods of drawing up potential hazard analyses plans across the entire food process flow
  • Identify preventive control measures
  • Draw up preventive controls
  • Draw up and implement allergen monitoring protocols
  • Take appropriate action
  • Effective documentation of allergen cross contact and cross contamination plans and controls
  • Prevention of company and personnel lawsuits

Who should attend this event?

This conference us suitable to a majority of people working in the food processing industry including:

  • Registered food operations employees
  • Food safety task force members
  • Quality control personnel
  • Management personnel within the food processing industry
  • Sanitation employees and control personnel
  • Food packing, processing, distribution and handling personnel
  • Labeling teams
  • Suppliers of ingredients used in food processing
  • Legal teams specializing in food processes
  • Food facility employees
  • US Food Importers and Exporters to the US
  • Food safety auditing teams
  • Food distributions centers
  • Food Transportation
  • Buyers and suppliers within the food chain

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