Food Fraud

Recorded Webinar | John Ryan | From: Aug 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017
  • In what way will you know that what you are purchasing, selling or consuming is paid for by you? How are you going to know that what you made payment for has not been deliberately mislabeled or changed?
  • Considering the increase in food transportation, as food producers, suppliers and consumers we are buying a large amount of food from foreign nations many times with slight supervision or regulation on what is being brought or supplied to our restaurants, supermarkets, and refrigerators.
  • New laws are being enacted which states that food processors, wholesalers, handlers, and eateries must commence the development of food fraud compliance systems.
  • Diverse sections of the food industry are included and they have to function in such a way that will safeguard themselves and their firms.

Why sholud you attend ?

In this session, the present condition of food fraud, the laws put in place to regulate it and the level of fraud that is presently in operation will be explored. The FDA has launched another “intentional adulteration” laws based on the Food Safety Modernization Act and based on global recognition of the issue, other nations are improving their import controls over an unlawful exchange.

Objectives of the session :

  • Genetically adapted foods
  • Honey, flavoring, Fish, colors, oils, sweeteners, juices, horsemeat, dairy, liquors
  • Discovery testing technologies
  • Adulteration, replacement, tampering and imitating
  • Study food detection testing technologies
  • Evaluate U.S. and E.U. laws
  • Diverse kinds of food fraud
  • The US and other country laws designed to control food fraud
  • Label omissions
  • Ways to report food fraud to the food fraud database
  • Comprehend food fraud
  • Recognize the products that are being impacted (Top 10)
  • Get to know the laws that are in effect
  • Have a comprehension of what pervasive food fraud really is

Who should attend ?

  • Food Shippers, Processors, Retail, and Restaurant Purchasing Groups
  • Food Quality Personnel
  • Restaurant and retail corporate management
  • Consumer
  • Ingredient Buyers and Sellers
  • cGMP Specialists
  • Food buyers and sellers
  • Food Safety Team Members
  • Food Testing bought and Quality Personnel

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