Food security and the fight against food fraud: what is your role?

Recorded Webinar | Michael Brodsky | From: Aug 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017

Food intoxications and contaminations have for a long time been attributed to microbiological issues, however, reality has also brought into question cases of intentional contamination of food otherwise known as adulteration. This webinar will look at food infections and intoxications caused by microbiological related issues and go on to take a closer look at intentional manipulation of food for economic gains. The issue of food fraud will be reviewed, particularly the cases where food is uses intentionally as a biological weapon. We will look at the different ways food companies can implement to reduce the risks of food fraud.

Why should you attend ?

There are some HACCP programs that are in place designed to minimize the risks of inadvertent food contamination during the production processes. However, these programs do not work to mitigate the intentional contamination of food by some structures. To put an end to food fraud and adulteration, other methods of control need to be implemented. The economic impact of intentional food contamination on its own is enough to require immediate structures of food control. Brand names and product types can effectively be damaged and ruined for good by adulterations. Participants will be equipped with knowledge on how best they can apply food safety programs in an effort to mitigate the intentional manipulation of food and all risks related to food fraud.

Areas Covered in the Session :

  • Existing causes of microbiological foodborne infections.
  • A comparative study between in advert and intentional contamination of food.
  • Risks related to the use of food as biological weapons.
  • Mitigating food fraud

Who will benefit ?

  • Food production and processing managers and supervisors
  • food plant microbiologists
  • QA/QC personnel

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