HIPAA – New Risks for the Business Associate

Recorded Webinar | Brian L Tuttle | From: Sep 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017
  • The major purpose of this course is to discuss the distinctive dangers connected with business associates as it pertains to HIPAA compliance.
  • Am going to reveal myths versus reality as it pertains to this exceptionally puzzling law in the light of more than 1000 risk evaluations carried out and also the years of involvement in managing directly with the Office of Civil Rights HIPAA examiners.
  • How times have changed and sadly numerous organizations are losing customers or incapable of getting new clients as a result of the problem they have with their compliance program or absence of a compliance program. I will clarify real life situations, best practices and amazing assets you can make use of so as to put necessary things in place before it becomes too late.
  • I will talk on peculiar encounters from more than 17 years in functioning as an outsourced compliance inspector, a specialist witness on numerous HIPAA cases, and altogether clarify how patients presently have access to cash remedies for illegal disclosures of private health information and in what way this likewise applies to business partners.
  • Significantly, I will demonstrate to you how to lessen those risks by just making proactive strides and using best practices.

Why should you attend?

  • We will be talking about the progressions occurring in Washington, DC with the Health and Human Services that pertains to business partners and the significance of acting fast instead of holding up until it's too late.
  • The present day’s trial attorney presents a higher risk than the Federal government!
  • I will likewise be talking about elements that may lead to unsolicited visit or letter from the Office of Civil Rights and how to plan for the audit and manage the Feds – also, we will examine the threats and obligation under HIPAA for being sued!
  • Business partners are currently mandated to go comply directly with the HIPAA enactment!
  • A lot of organizations are losing customers or incapable of getting more customers as a result of compliance problems.
  • Protect your business!

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • NIST Risk appraisal
  • Breach notice
  • Paperwork that should be refreshed
  • Risk factors
  • Fines
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Portable gadgets
  • Updates for 2017
  • What to do if a customer requires something beyond a consented to business relate arrangement
  • How to legitimately address hazards in writing.

Who will benefit:

Any business partners who work with medical practices or clinics (i.e. billing organizations, translation organizations, IT organizations, voicemail, home health, coders, lawyers, and so on)

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