Make the Hospitalist Model Work for Your Hospital

Recorded Webinar | Duane C. Abbey | From: Aug 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017
  • Do hospitalists carry out only in-patient services or do their services involve out-patient services? Do they need to code and bill for the services rendered?

Why should You Attend?

  • The meaning of hospitalists?
  • Are there extraordinary credentialing undertakings for hospitalists?
  • Do hospitalist code and bill independently from the surgical and attending doctors?
  • Are hospitalists typically doctors or non-doctor experts?
  • Are there unique undertakings about post-operative services given in the hospitals?
  • Are there any unique documentation necessities for hospitalist services?
  • Is there anything special about selecting hospitalists through the CMS-855s
  • What about registering hospitalists with private payers?
  • Are there any special compliancedealings with hospitalists?

Objectives of the session : 

  1. To examine the concept of hospitalists.
  2. To comprehend the hospitalist model and how this method is utilized by hospitals.
  3. To value the clinical benefits of utilizing hospitalists.
  4. To comprehend the requirement for distinctivemedical staff factors.
  5. To talk about how hospitalists are repaid for their services.
  6. To value the utilization of uniquely skilled non-physician experts.
  7. To comprehend the unique documentation, coding and charging issues that come up with hospitalists.
  8. To value the need for cautious credentialing.
  9. To acknowledge general cost benefitearnings in utilizing hospitalists.
  10. To know howhospitalists, connect with the Medicare worldwide surgical package.
  11. To acknowledge recruitment problems through the CMS-855 structures.

Agenda of the session : 

1.The meaning of Hospitalists? 

• Qualifications, Education, and Training 
• Core Competencies 
• Physicians versus Non-Physician Practitioners 
• Typical Specialty Areas 
• Employment Arrangements 

2.How do Hospitalists carry out Their Services? 

3.Typical Hospitalists Activities 

4.Medical versus Surgical Cases 
• Coordination of Care 
• Interfacing to Attending and Specialty Physicians 
• In-patient versus Out-patient Services 
• How Are Hospitalists Paid for Their Services? 
1.Coding and Billing for Hospitalists 
2.Medicare vs Private Third-Party Payers 
3.Enrolling Hospitalists Through the CMS-855 Forms 
4.Coordinating with Primary Care Physicians 
5.Organizing Activities for Proper Coding and Billing 
6.Surgeon to Hospitalist Relationship for the Medicare Global Surgical Package 

5.The Special Administrative dealings that Should Be Considered 
1.Medical Staff Organization Interface 
3.Gaining Billing Privileges 
4.Special use – Teacher, Consultant, Team Member 
5.Quality Enhancement
6.Compliance Problems

6.Cost and Benefits of a Hospitalist Program 
1.General Costs 
2.Refund Considerations 
3.Clinical and Documentation Quality 
4.Quality of Care 
5.Patient Interactions
6.Sources for Further Information 

Who should attend ?

  • Utilization Review Personnel
  • Hospital Billing Staff
  • Medical Staff Organization Directors and Personnel
  • Physician
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • HIM Coding Staff
  • Hospital Analysts
  • Compliance Personnel
  • Financial Officers
  • Non-Physician Practitioners
  • And Other Interested Hospital Personnel

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