Infusions, Injections & Chemo Services: Guidance for Correct Coding in 2017

Recorded Webinar | Lynn Anderanin | From: Aug 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017


Coding used for injections; infusions and chemo therapy is quite challenging for most people, part of what makes it super challenging is the complex, hard to follow notes; strict regulations of use and various unique payer policies.

ICD-10 does not make it any easier, it uses different and new diagnosis codes which must be accurately understood for injection, infusion and chemo coding. The new codes used in ICD-10 are mostly specific to these treatments and as such must be learnt. This 1hr long webnar conference will help you discover:

  • Primary and secondary ICD-10 diagnosis code
  • Easy to follow CPT guidelines that are used in injection coding and infusion
  • A better understanding of when to use cancer codes in ICD-10
  • A bonus tutorial is included on: Administration Code Chart with primary & add-on matchups


Why should you participate?

The 1hr webinar conference is essential in learning and mastering the methods of coding and billing correctly for injections and infusions using ICD-10 and CPT codes. You will benefit from well drafted billing scenarios, step by step guidelines to coding and be issued with accompanying documents to help you strike the perfect balance between reimbursement and compliance.


Objective of the conference

The webinar aims to get across the following training:

Mapping the relationship between ICD-10 and Infusion, Injection & Chemo Coding

  • An insight to the latest ICD-10 diagnosis codes, including the primary and secondary cases
  • Reporting methods for essential ICD-10-CM codes
  • Guidelines for coding and bundling, including the documentation

Keys to Avoid Infusion, Injection Documentation and Coding mishaps

  • Full coding beginning by initial orders right up to infusion rates
  • Primary and secondary administration code
  • How to tell between initial service, sequential service and or current service
  • History of cancer codes and their application in ICD-10

What you need to know about Chemotherapy Billing and Coding

  • Assistance with CPT and HCPCS infusion codes
  • Single or multiple sites coding for administering multiple drugs.
  • Special ICD-10 guideline for coding anemia
  • New ICD-10 coding for long term drug therapy in cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer

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