Medicare Quarterly Report for 2017- Physician Practices

Recorded Webinar | Terry Fletcher | From: Oct 20, 2017 - To: Oct 31, 2017

Many changes have gone into effect in the healthcare industry and organizations should be monitoring their existing records to make sure they are capturing services and maximizing their reimbursements. Medicare has a big impact on the reimbursement process for Part B claims, and this webinar will address those updates and how it relates to your compliance and billing standard operating procedures.

Areas covered in the session:

  • ACP Billing and What Medicare's rules are
  • Telemedicine Health the real story
  • Clone E/M Notes
  • New Specialty Taxonomy Codes added for New patient coding options
  • ABN has been updated we will give you details
  • Meaningful Use update for 4th quarter 2017

What tools and benefits will your session provide to the attendees?

Specific Regulations, MLM Articles and the link between CPT and Medicare when it applies to reimbursement.

Who should attend this event:

  • Coders, Billers
  •  Administrator
  • Collectors
  • physicians
  •  back office
  •  mid-levels
  • Cath lab employees
  •  Hospital Outpatient coders


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