The Proposed Rule for 2018 with a peek at 2019

Recorded Webinar | J'non Griffin | From: Sep 01, 2017 - To: Sep 30, 2017

The new proposal set for 2018 into 2019 seeks to put in place cuts of about $480 000 000 which will effectively alter the way businesses operate. The CMS will also have some more than significant alterations to the PPS starting from the beginning of January 2019. This comes on the backbone of the IMPACT act that still penetrates our OASIS and that of the post acute providers To be more specific, the proposal seeks to a new method called the home health groupings model. This methodology is previewed to decrease all payment rates and units to a 30day care interval. Unlike the current rules that use set thresholds to determine payments, the HHGM will depend on clinical profiles and patient data to set payments. The proposal also includes possible changes to the HH Value-Based Purchasing program, one of the major changes will be an increase in the total number of cases required for payment.

Why should you attend?

The proposed changes for 2018-2019 will see the introduction of 30-day episodes among other changes. These proposals will alter the course of home health, it is important that you develop an understanding of how the future system will work.

Background of the topic:

 The proposed rule for 2018 includes another cut for 2018. There are changes to the case mix variable table, and 30-day episodes are on the way!

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • All home health proposals set to take effect in 2018
  • Case mix adjustments
  • OASIS proposals
  • HHGM Payment methodology For 2019

Who will benefit:

  • Administrators
  • Clinical managers
  • Quality reviewers

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